Join us.

We are looking for suitable partners who are full of sunshine and responsible for life to join our team. If you meet the following conditions, you can apply to join our team by email.

IT Technician has its own production and research team, and we are looking for an IT technician to join our team, learn new things, master the ownership of existing systems, and provide services for our employees and customers.

Your job responsibilities:
* Carry out continuous maintenance, troubleshooting and response to technical problems related to the company's facilities.
* Immediate support for employees at home through remote takeover and training.
* Configure and maintain all technical equipment, including computers, printers, switches and background systems.
* Assist in inventory monitoring, planning and execution.

Job Description:
* Experience in Windows and linux environments (installation, configuration, troubleshooting)-required.
* Familiar with network infrastructure switch configuration-a must.
* High level of English (speaking, writing and reading)-a must
* Familiar with PHP development, MYSQL-a must.
* Chinese is at a good level-an advantage.
* Domain controller experience with Active Directory-an advantage.
* High level of interpersonal and service skills.

Marketing Conversion Rate Expert has its own production and research team. We are looking for a Marketing conversion rate expert to join our team, learn new things, master the ownership of existing systems, and provide services for our employees and customers.

About this role:
We are looking for conversion rate optimization experts to join our product team. As a conversion rate optimization expert, you will use your technical ability and strong sense of analysis, together with our different user funnels and marketing channels, to improve our conversion rate. If you know a lot about how traffic and audience are built online, and how to drive the improvement of user experience and conversion rate. Join our team!

Responsible for setting up A/B tests and reporting test results, managing various network analysis tools with communicative learning and insight, and preparing reports for indicator evaluation, drawing, measuring and optimizing our various marketing methods. Assist all marketing/product teams to track and measure their activities. Team work in charge of organic search, email and paid media to optimize each conversion path to improve the conversion rate and usability of our website. Understand the competition and accurately position our products.

Job Description:
At least 2 years' experience in conversion rate optimization or similar position in a global company. Knowledge of user experience and user interface-experience in GA and GTM is a must-experience in conversion rate optimization tools and A/B testing tools is a must. Experienced in drawing, measuring and optimizing various marketing methods, he is an expert in tracking, marking and measuring traffic and network events. Strong analytical ability. Experience in B2C products-this is a great advantage. ``Capable`` and hands-on ability mentality, growth mentality, strong adaptability, and motivation for continuous improvement. Strong communication and interpersonal skills. Team spirit. Self-motivated and self-learning ability, can catch up at work.

E-commerce Project Manager

Are you an aggressive person with a certain technical background? Our operation department is looking for an e-commerce project manager to join our growing team. This role includes managing computerized catalogues while maximizing workflow and cooperating with departments throughout the company.
What will you do?
Communicate with the design and technical teams of the whole company to ensure that the vision of product design can be realized. Initiate, plan, supervise and implement long-term and short-term projects, while assisting and cooperating with relevant departments. Professional and direct management of directory manager and data entry team. Process construction, interface verification, and improve the existing third-party embedded process. Analyze sales information to ensure that our quotation is extensive, up-to-date, well executed and presented to customers in the best way. Assign related work to the group to achieve the normal promotion and optimization of the company.
Job description:
Business-sales direction and working experience in global companies. Experience in managing network projects and office software; Emphasize the high level of Excel-fluent English (writing, reading and speaking)-and experience in content management system. Experience in ERP (SAP, etc.).
Experience in e-commerce-this is a significant advantage.
Experience in cooperation with content providers/software, and establishing contact with external companies to formulate relevant marketing plans and urge the team to implement them.

Promotion Commissioner

What do you need?
1. Understand network promotion, be good at various ways of network promotion, and make rational use of various means of network promotion to improve website, traffic and exposure, and reduce network marketing cost.
2. Be responsible for the operation, maintenance, management and interaction of INS,FACEBOOK,GOOGLE and PINTEREST accounts of the project, and improve their influence and attention;
3. According to the company's business development needs and the company's strategy, find and tap cooperative resources beneficial to the company, evaluate the cooperability of resources, carry out advertising cooperation, content cooperation and activity cooperation, integrate various promotion channels, and carry out in-depth cooperation.
4. Be responsible for the promotion cooperation of website links, and be able to integrate resources and implement online promotion activities.
5. Cooperate with other relevant media, exchange soft texts or advertisements with them, improve word-of-mouth exposure, monitor and view the transformation of imported data outside the station in real time, and constantly make adjustments.
6. Be responsible for the marketing and promotion of forum/community/Q&A websites, conduct word-of-mouth publicity, and enhance the traffic and popularity of websites.
7. Track the website promotion and channel cooperation, make an analysis report, and adjust the promotion methods and cooperation channels at any time.
8. Majors in marketing, e-commerce and network, regardless of gender;

Digital product designer has his own production and research team. We are looking for an IT technician to join our team, learn new things, master the ownership of existing systems, and provide services for our employees and customers.
We are looking for a digital product designer to create a simple, elegant and intuitive digital product experience as a member of the digital product team to optimize conversion and retention. In this position, you will work with the Director of Digital Product Design to create a first-class user experience for mobile and desktop. You will work with our team of full-stack engineers and a growing team of designers, and have a great influence on digital product design.
Please submit a portfolio (related engineering documents) when applying.
Have relevant skills:
influence our product design system by establishing new design components, and ensure that it can be extended to other departments of the company. Make one-on-one a reality through meaningful interactive design. Your best friends are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and After Effects animation.
Develop user processes, website maps, wireframes and other results of user experience. Capture all the states, cases and functional logic to provide information for your UI design.
Design on multiple platforms, from responsive web pages to local applications, and design the best user experience from mobile to desktop. Become a part of user research, understand our customers' expectations of Pair, record the insights gained from user tests, communicate the results with stakeholders, and execute the design according to qualitative data. Perform pixel perfect user interface design, packaging, specification and engineering preparation.
Job description
At least 2 years working experience in UI/UX of digital products, especially in e-commerce or marketing.
There is a portfolio showing user experience, user interface and interaction design, including the design of native application, mobile network and desktop.
Skilled in using design tools to build beautiful user interfaces, such as Figma and Sketch, with keen insight into movement and interaction.
You know what intuitive feeling is and how to turn your ideas into reality through tools such as Figma, Flinto, Principle and After Effects. Take a data-driven approach to UI/UX design, know how to use data to inform design decisions to independently conduct user testing research, and communicate opinions with key stakeholders to determine the next action.
Strong cooperative spirit, like to work with cross-functional teams and have the ability to thrive in a fast-paced working environment.
Must be a team member who is willing to roll up his sleeves and finish the work. Must be passionate, independent and have strong management ability.

Product designer

1. Be able to design the whole equipment by himself, including parts, assembly, design drawings, component selection, etc.
2. Be familiar with the principle of glasses, know all kinds of metal and nonmetal materials, processing technology, surface treatment, assembly, tolerance and precision control, etc.
3. Proficient in computer-aided design; Proficient in Office, CAD, C4D, Slidworks (preferred) or other 3D software design;
4. Strong independent proposal ability, project understanding ability and communication ability.

Job description:
1. Responsible for the development of new products, drafting the design scheme of structure and appearance, and controlling the whole design process;
2. Be responsible for the structural design of the product, evaluate the structural feasibility, and ensure the rationality, aesthetics and practicality of the product design;
3. Responsible for new product process guidance with the production glasses assembly; ''
4. Responsible for dealing with related structural design issues;
5. Assist the office in drawing the drawings of appearance and utility model patent applications;