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Classification of the main production materials for eyeglass frames

Hello, welcome to my GLASSOYO, today and share with you is to know glasses, for often wear glasses friends, maybe you can also know how to classify the glasses frame, then for just nearsighted or just contact sunglasses do you also know it?

Eyeglasses are divided into three categories according to the main production materials of eyeglass frames: metal frames, non-metal frames and mixed frames

  1. metal frame is the main material for the production of eyeglass frames for metal materials, of course, the metal used for the production of eyeglass frames can not have a variety, which commonly used metal whether to have brass, zinc white copper, nickel white steel, etc., so the metal frame material is also very complex.
  2. non-metal frame glasses frame, is used to make glasses frame material is non-metal, then these non-metal materials are also a lot, including resin, tortoiseshell, bamboo wood, horn, etc., of which resin is used to make non-metal frame glasses frame more.
  3. The third is the mixed eyeglass frame, here the mixed eyeglass frame is metal and non-metal with the composition of the eyeglass frame, with two ways the first is the metal eyeglass frame and non-metal foot wire, the second is the non-metal eyeglass frame and metal foot wire. However, the gold and rubber hybrid eyeglass frame has the advantages of metal eyeglass frame and plate eyeglass frame, and the reasonable color and coherent match will make the eyeglass frame unique style.

Do you understand the structure of today’s glasses frame sharing? Welcome to follow me, I will bring you more wonderful knowledge about glasses,thanks!

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