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Wearing contact lenses is harmful to the eyes to some extent


Wearing contact lenses is harmful to the eyes to some extent, especially when wearing contact lenses that are not suitable for you, the harm to the eyes is immeasurable.

Then, what harm does contact lenses have? I think there are the following points:

1. The decline of the resistance of the eyes will make the cornea unable to contact with the air, and the eyes will suffer from “altitude sickness” due to lack of oxygen, which can’t be metabolized normally and the resistance will decrease.

2. Causing asthenopia and xerophthalmia. Wearing contact lenses for a long time will easily lead to fatigue and xerophthalmia, causing foreign body sensation, acid itching, watery eyes, dryness, burning sensation and blurred vision.

3. Causing eyeball allergy. Contact lenses absorb protein, lipids, collagen, etc. in tears, causing them to deposit on the lens surface, breeding bacteria, corneal edema, corneal neovascularization reaction and allergic reaction.

4. Wearing contact lenses for a long time will wear the cornea, which will cause serious consequences such as perforation or corneal epithelial shedding. The concavity of some contact lenses is inconsistent with the convexity of cornea, which irregularly wears the cornea and causes corneal ulcer, resulting in irreversible vision decline, and even after treatment, white spots will be left on the cornea.

5. Long-term attachment of contact lenses to the eyeball can paralyze nerve endings, leading to decreased corneal perception. Many patients with ulcerative keratitis are unknown.

6. The aging of cornea is accelerating. If you start wearing contact lenses in your teens and twenties, then after ten years, your corneal endothelial cell density is equivalent to that of an old man in his sixties, and you will not be able to bear what kind of eye surgery, including cataract, or perform surgery.

7. The degree of myopia is deepening, which affects the image. It is difficult for contact lenses to obtain the refractive degree which is very consistent with myopia, resulting in the degree deepening every year.

When your myopia degree reaches 600 or more, most of your eyes will bulge, and your eyes will be dull, which will affect the image. Therefore, frame glasses are safer than contact lenses under unusual circumstances. After you choose the right frame glasses for you, it will not affect your image at all, but will increase your beauty.

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