How much does an eye exam cost?
The price of vision exams varies widely, depending on the vision care provider and location you choose. You can go to your local hospital or eye care shop to check the price and arrange your eye examination immediately.

How often should you have a comprehensive eye exam?
The current guidelines for the frequency of eye examinations vary according to factors such as age and the overall health of each patient. Some people may need an annual checkup, while others may take longer or shorter eye checks. For people over 40, it is recommended to see an ophthalmologist once a year.

What should be paid attention to during eye examination?
his allows them to better understand the internal structure of the eye. When your pupils are dilated, you will be more sensitive to light and may find it difficult to focus on nearby objects. After leaving, please bring sunglasses for inspection to reduce glare and light sensitivity.

Diabetic eye exams are performed in the same way as regular eye exams. If you have diabetes, regular eye exams are especially important. This type of disease is caused by the human body’s insufficient ability to use or produce the required insulin, which leads to increased blood sugar. Due to changes in blood vessels in the retina, diabetic patients may lose vision. Through an eye exam, your ophthalmologist can diagnose changes in the effects of the progression of diabetes on the retina.

As we grow older, our eyes grow older. Patients 65 years and older are more likely to develop cataracts than the general population. Cataract refers to the opacity of the lens in the eye, resulting in decreased vision. Over time, the transparent lens will change, causing visual clarity and glare problems. The best way to diagnose cataracts is to have an eye health check once a year. If you are diagnosed with cataracts, the ophthalmologist will judge its impact on your vision and may recommend surgery.

Compared with men, certain eye diseases have a higher incidence in women, which is directly related to the hormone changes that occur in women’s life. For example, women have less tear production during pregnancy or later in life; because women live longer than men, age-related macular degeneration and eye makeup-related eye complications. An annual check-up at an ophthalmologist is the best way for women to keep their eyes healthy.

Age-related is also macular degeneration, which is one of the main causes of vision loss in people over 60. Macular degeneration affects the central area of ​​the retina called the macula. Over time, the cells in the macula will malfunction and may stop working, resulting in decreased vision. The preventive measure for macular degeneration is to see an ophthalmologist regularly every year.