Frame selection
(1) Generally speaking, users with a prescription below 500 degrees can choose a larger range of frame shapes and sizes (except for oversized frames), users with a prescription between 500 and 800 degrees should try to choose a full-frame or half-frame frame with a smaller frame width, and users with a prescription above 800 degrees should choose a small, full-frame frame. (See the following table for details)
(2) Generally speaking, the more standard the pupil distance (65mm), the thinner the thickness of the lenses, so users with a wider or narrower pupil distance should try to choose a frame that fits the width of the frame. (See the table below for details)

My Degrees Recommended frame width

Reduced lens thickness

My pupil distance Comparison of the same frame

Lens thickness effect

Recommended frame width

Reduced lens thickness

Within 500 degrees 46-58mm Smaller(Around 60mm) Outer side is thicker 46-52mm
500-800 degrees 48-54mm Medium(Around 65mm) Best 46-58mm
Above 800 degrees 46-52mm Larger(Around 70mm) Inner side is thick 52-58mm

glasses Frame selection
Different face shapes with different frame types of glasses.
(1)Oval-shaped face: suitable for various shapes of frames
Oval face, also known as goose egg face, with a variety of frames are more appropriate, but the size of the frame should be proportional to the size of the face. Especially for female oval face, it is suitable to match any style of frame, but it is better not to use straight line frame, that is, too high and too flat frame.
(2) Round face: suitable for slender or square-shaped frames or pear-shaped frames
People with round faces have shorter faces, so it is best to pair them with slightly curved, slender frames to harmonize the overall feel. Angled and square frames are good for embellishing the lines of the face and highlighting the longitudinal lines.
Men: it is appropriate to choose flat or pear-shaped frames, should not choose too round too square frame.
Women: in principle, we should avoid the use of any extremely significant features of the frame, should choose a slightly flat and slightly curved type of frame, should not choose too round or linear frame.
(3) Square-shaped face: suitable for round glasses frame
To soften the lines of the face, choose a frame with a slight curve to soften the face shape and soften the wide cheeks. You should also choose a frame that is slightly wider than your face shape, as this will make your face look slightly slimmer.
(4) Long square-shaped face: suitable for rectangular-shaped frames
Rectangular face because the face is long, the frame should be as much as possible to cover the face, and choose thick frame frame to reduce the impression of a long face.
Men: it is advisable to choose frames with long rim height, such as the height of the large near-square large frame.
Women: it is advisable to choose a frame with angles similar to square-shaped, the height of the rim can be higher, to neutralize the long face.
(5) Melon-shaped face: suitable for oval-shaped thin frame glasses
It should be said that the melon face is unique, can wear a variety of glasses, and fine rim and vertical lines of the frame is most suitable.
Men: it is appropriate to choose frames with narrower lower rims than the upper rim, and generally do not choose flat frames.
Women: it is appropriate to choose the lower side of the rim is narrower than the upper side of the height of small and upturned glasses, in order to increase the visual length of the face.

Different frames for different occasions and outfits
It is very important to choose a pair of glasses that suits your personality and matches the place at the time. Generally speaking, formal occasions (or formal wear) can be worn with a small frame, exquisite style, color elegant metal or plate glasses, both elegant and convenient to do; leisure, party and other occasions, it is appropriate to choose some popular, exaggerated color shape of the large rim glasses, looks both youth and fashion; sports or fitness and other occasions, the best choice of ultra-light, non-slip TR or carbon leg plate glasses or beta-titanium Metal eyeglass frames.