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How to choose the right glasses for you (1)

Sunglasses have always been a facial modification role, many people will choose sunglasses according to the face shape, but you may see a variety of face shape advice, but in fact no one has a triangular face, heart face or pear-shaped face.
Today I would like to share with you a simple and accurate way to choose glasses.
Look at the width of the face.
Modification is for balance, unless you want to make “contrast meng” such as: narrow face is not suitable for wearing wide glasses, such glasses will make the face appear narrower, small glasses are not suitable for people with a wide face, so you need to measure the width of the face,  and  then find the most suitable for your glasses on the line. There are marks on the general goods.
Look at the length of your face.
Like face width, balance is the key, first measurement, face length and face width value is similar, for short face, face length for 1.5 times or more for long face.  Long face do not wear short glasses, so that the face looks longer.
Look at the characteristics.
The facial outline is obvious, suitable for wearing smoother and rounded glasses, while the face is more rounded and more suitable for wearing more obvious glasses with an Angle frame
Finally, look at the skin color and choose the glasses. Skin color bias white choose soft color, skin color darker choose black, dark blue and dark brown.

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