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How to do if the air is dry and the eyes are dry and uncomfortable?

eyes are dry and uncomfortable

In daily life, we often feel tired or dry eyes, which is what we call dry eyes。

In fact, in Ophthalmology, it is a xerosis of cornea and conjunctiva . This symptom is also a common ophthalmic disease with a particularly high incidence rate in recent years. This is mainly due to an abnormality caused by the quantity and quality of tears in the eyes and its flow mechanics.

How can we prevent and deal with the problem of dry eyes? Here I have summarized three situations to see if you have met?

First, this requires us to ensure a good work and rest time in our daily life, relatively increase the indoor air humidity, especially do not stay in the air-conditioned room for too long. If conditions permit, put a humidifier indoors to increase the indoor air humidity, especially in dry winter.

Second, playing with electronic products for a long time at ordinary times is when your eyes are fixed to an object, so your eyes are always open, and your blinking frequency will become less, which will cause your tears to evaporate too fast, so your eyes will be particularly dry.

Third, at the same time, do not use some antibiotic eye drops indiscriminately. If you want to use eye drops, you must use them under the guidance of a doctor, otherwise your eyes will be dry and uncomfortable

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