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How to take care of our sunglasses?


How to take care of our sunglasses

Hello,everybody!Welcome to glassoyo online glasses store. Now, I’d like to share some tips about taking good care of our sunglasses in our daily life.
First of all
As we all know that sunglasses are prone to be dusty and dirty,so we can wipe them with a wipe mirror cloth or special mirror wiping paper, or clean them with clear water. If there are oil stains, clean them with a small amount of detergent, clean them with clear water and dry them with a mirror wiping cloth.
It is best not to put sunglasses in high-temperature environments, such as the instrument panel in the car. Because sunglasses are easily deformed because of high temperature.
Avoid sunglasses from touching chemicals such as perfume or pesticides, otherwise, they will damage sunglasses.
Remember to wear sunglasses carefully with both hands. If we take them off with one hand rudely,the sunglasses will be easily deformed or even broken.
What’s more,sunglasses should not be hung on the top of the head, the collar, or bags so as not to break the temples and cause deformation. lastly, after using sunglasses ,we should clean them and store them in a mirror box or mirror bag.
Do not put them with clothes or sharp objects to avoid scratching the lenses or painting peel off.
Alright, So much for it here. Do you have any suggestions? We will be much appreciated it if you share more ideas with us in the comments area!


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