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Hi~, everyone, I am your personal butler for eye protection- GlassOYO. Many people have always thought that wearing glasses will lower their appearance, so if you are short-sighted, you would rather live in a blurred world than wear eyeglasses. In fact, if myopia does not wear eyeglasses, the degree will rise quickly, and the eyes will get worse. So, today I want to share with you how to choose different shapes of glasses-frames to make the glasses more suitable for your personal temperament.
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The first is the arc-shaped mirror frame. There are many arc-shaped frames. For example, this type is flat on the top and curved on the bottom, which is especially suitable for the atrium chief. What is an atrium? From the top of the eyebrows to the bottom of the nose, this area is called the atrium. Because various types of glasses extend a lot from the lower part, occupying more positions from the top of the eyebrows to the bottom of the nose, but the upper part does not occupy more positions above the eyebrows, so the original position of our eyes will not be visually Lift up, this kind of glasses frame with a flat top and the curved bottom is especially suitable for people with high eye position and long atrium.
eyeglasses frmae
The second type is this kind of full-circular spectacle frame. This type is especially suitable for cute people. Generally, office workers should choose this frame carefully, because it gives people a feeling of being dull. So, if you have round eyes and a fleshy and round face, you will look cute with this type of frame. In fact, if girls want to wear this glasses frame, it is recommended that the eyebrows should not be too long or the eyeliner should be darkened when applying makeup.
The third type is this oval-shaped spectacle frame. This type of spectacle frame should also be carefully selected. Because the area of this kind of spectacle frame is relatively small, it will easily make your eyes look small. Of course, this kind of spectacle frame is not without its advantages, it makes you appear very gentle and elegant.
The fourth type is this kind of frameless, full-lens glasses. Wearing all of these types of glasses will make you look dull and foreign. This type of glasses is most suitable for the group of people who don’t look good at ordinary times, but are short-sighted and have to wear glasses. But be sure to pay attention to this type of spectacle frame and never choose colored lenses. For example, colored lenses such as yellow and brown. Once the lenses of this type of glasses are colored and you walk on the street while wearing them, people will think you are a hillbilly.
The fifth type is square-framed glasses. For this type of glasses, a long square-shaped frame is the last choice. It is best not to choose a square-shaped frame. Choose this type of glasses with a square face carefully. People with square faces are suitable for glasses frames with curvature. Can make your facial lines smoother. This kind of rectangular glasses frame is more suitable for people with less flesh on the face, and people with sharp and thin jawlines. People with the “melon face” face shape we call are more suitable for wearing.
Today I shared with you a lot of small ways to choose eyeglass frames. I hope that it will be helpful to you whether you go to a physical store or buy eyeglasses online. I hope I can become your most intimate personal butler for eye protection.

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