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How long do you replacing glasses?


Do you have a feeling that the same bag will get tired after carrying it for a long time,  and the same clothes will also get tired after wearing it for a long time!  The same taste of food will also get tired after eating for a long time!  So, will you get tired of wearing glasses for a long time?  The answer is of course! So the topic I want to discuss with you today is: how long is it suitable to replacing glasses we wear?

In fact,  the frequency of replacing glasses is mainly determined by the refractive state of people’s eyes,  and this time is not generalized. For people with myopia or refractive error,  they are required to have regular reviews,  especially for children and pre-adolescents,  the review time to hospitals and relevant professional eye institutions should not exceed six months,  and adults can be relaxed to once a year as appropriate.

If the refraction level has changed significantly from the last time you went to the ophthalmologist for a review, for example,  if you were 300 degrees myopic and this time you have 400 degrees or even higher, it is recommended that you change your lenses.  Of course, whether to replace the frame or not,  this depends on the state of the eyeglass frame itself,  if the frame is strong and durable,  you can consider only changing the lens,  this is to be decided according to your actual situation.

Generally, the glasses of adults should be changed once a year and a half to two years.  The peak period of eye use is in adolescence.  If you use your eyes for a long time and close range, myopia is easy to deepen.  Therefore, it is suggested that children should have a reexamination optometry every 3 months to half a year.  If the degree changes greatly, they should change their glasses in time

With the growth of age, the degree of reading glasses worn by the elderly will increase accordingly.  When the elderly feel hard to wear glasses to read newspapers and books, and the glasses are not suitable for acid swelling,  it is generally recommended to replace them once a year.

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