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Do our two eyes have the same visual contribution?

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Do our two eyes have the same visual contribution?

In fact, our two eyes are different in vision. We can say one eye is the elder brother and the other is the younger brother. But why?

Take it easy. Let me tell you, please.  When our eyes look at the target at the same time, their visual contribution is unequal. One eye will be the elder brother and the dominant eye, which plays a leading role in the process of seeing objects.

This is a physiological visual choice, which is gradually accumulated and formed during our long-term eye habit. However, when you wear glasses, you need to balance your eyes.

If you can’t ensure the balance of your eyes, you should ensure the clarity of the dominant eye, because the brain will give priority to the images of the dominant eye, so there will be little blurring when you look at things.

How can you determine which eye is the dominant eye? Those who are interested can test which one is your dominant eye according to the following steps.

First, find a suitable (smaller) gaze target about 3 meters away from your eye.

Then, stretch your arms flat, separate them first,  close together slowly, and form a triangle with your thumbs and forefinger;

After that, observe the target you chose from the triangle, and close your left eye and right eye respectively.

The eye that can observe the target from the triangle is the dominant eye. Have you got it?

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