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Wearing glasses, the misunderstanding you have to avoid

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If you are not nearsighted, you must know a few friends who are nearsighted. As electronic products enter people’s lives, do you feel that there are more and more friends who wear glasses around you? Maybe one day, you want to go with a pair of glasses that suits you, and friends around you will provide you with their past experiences, but, do you know? In the eyes of professionals, these experiences are often misunderstandings.

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Misunderstanding 1: Often wear glasses, the eyes will be deformed

Many people believe that as long as they can barely see clearly, they can not wear glasses without glasses. There is only one reason: wearing glasses will draw out the eyeballs, which look like the eyes of a goldfish, bulging and particularly ugly.

In fact, there is no scientific basis for this. The eyes that become like goldfish are related to personal facial development, race, and myopia itself. This is because people with myopia generally have axial myopia, and high myopia means that the axis of the eye will grow. When the eye sockets cannot accommodate the growing eyeballs, the eyes will bulge outward, so wearing glasses has nothing to do with eye deformation.

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Misunderstanding 2: Wear glasses with lower power

When many people wear glasses, they will ask the person who wears glasses to lower their degree, because they don’t want their myopia to increase too quickly. In fact, this is an inappropriate choice. Choose a relatively low power for your glasses, and what you see is a blurry image, which may cause eye fatigue in the long run and lead to the development of myopia. Of course, wearing glasses that are not suitable for your own eyes with higher power will also cause visual fatigue. Therefore, the vision before the glasses is very important.

Misunderstanding3: The wrong way to scrub glasses

The glasses are dirty, and many people think that they can be wiped with paper towels or glasses cloth. In fact, this is the wrong method. There are a lot of small particles on the lenses. Wipe the lenses with paper towels or glasses cloth. Therefore, it is best to rinse the lenses directly with tap water to wash off the dust sticking to the glasses, then wash your hands clean, apply hand sanitizer to the lenses, apply lightly, wash them with clean water, and dry them naturally.

When you feel that your eyes are not good, we recommend that you find a professional eye doctor to give you the relevant examination, as well as the related optometry also need to go to a professional hospital, the following are a few eye hospitals:



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